Spelt sesame crunch for brekkie

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Always one to try a new breakfast cereal, I decided to try a spelt based cereal as there’s low levels of wheat in spelt. I came across Hildegard Health’s Organic Spelt Sesame Crunch. The pack says it’s a deliciously crunchy blend of toasted spelt flakes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, honey and cinnamon. Spelt is rich in essential amino acids, it is a source of prolonged energy, it is high in fibre and rich in vitamin B1. All sounds great. But to be honest, I wasn’t overly convinced with this cereal. The flavour is nice, it has a good crunch to it. However I found it very dry. Even mixed with milk or soya milk, it’s difficult to swallow. I tried adding it in with a bit of yoghurt and that was marginally better. The cinnamon is a nice twist and gives it a kick. I’ve never tried any of Hildgegard Health’s cereals and they seem to have a good range, so I won’t be put off by one product. I will try more and revert. For more info contact 091 769829 or see their website.

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