Not so sour!

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I’m always one to try something new when it’s wheat-free, so if I see a new product or something I haven’t tried before in a health store or supermarket, I get very excited. I came across Kelkin’s gluten-free sourdough bread. My first thought is that is way overpriced – €3.59 for 6 slices of bread!! Sourdough is supposed to be a bitter taste, a little sour, but this bread tasted quite sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really liked the taste of it, but just thought it wasn’t what it was supposed to be and it was very expensive. Slices are a good size and thickness, don’t fall apart like a lot of gluten-free bread and it isn’t dry either. It can be eaten straight from the pack as tastes fresh, and doesn’t need to be toasted like other breads. The pack contains 2 individual packs for freshness. This is good, but would be better if there was more bread to keep fresh!! Each slice contains 157kcal which is quite high I think. Would I buy this again is the question – if there was more bread in the pack I might part with the cash but for 59c a slice at the moment, I don’t think so.

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