Supervalu goes gluten-free!

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Supervalu have brought out a range of gluten-free bread products. I tried the “free from” white seeded rolls (4 in a pack) and they were really tasty, the seeds add a nice nutty texture. Each roll is a good size too. They are gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free too. Made with tapioca starch, rice flour and potato starch, that’s what gives it the bread and doughy taste! They are more filling than a lot of gluten-free breads that I’ve tasted. Just as well, as they are quite high in calories at 237kcal per roll! What I like about these rolls too is that you can freeze them. It isn’t always the case with gluten-free bread for some reason. It’d be great if these rolls were in brown too. I’d rather eat brown to know that I’m getting that little bit more nutrition. They’ve a slice pan in brown and white, so must try them and report back!

  1. Catrina

    I got the Gluten Free brown loaf at the weekend and its really nice also. Feels like fresh bread rather than a board. Highly recommend it!

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