Veggie & wheat-free!

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It’s a pleasure to be able to eat a vegetarian burger that is wheat-free. Too often, there are breadcrumbs or some sort of wheat in ready-bought burgers. Dee’s burgers have a new concept in the fact that they are nutritious wholegrain burgers, which include beans and seeds such as hemp and sunflower seeds. Apart from these burgers being meat free, they are also soya, dairy, salt, sugar, wheat and gluten free.┬áDee’s mission is commitment to improving the health and happiness of those around us. Dee uses the highest quality natural and organic ingredients as she is a firm believer in good health beginning with what goes into your body. There are two burgers in the range – Omega Burger and Spicy Bean Burger. I tried the Omega burger, which is a blend of 2 whole grains and 2 super food seeds with fresh vegetables. It is packed with fibre and protein. The burgers are very mild tasting with a flavour of toasted seeds. Millet and brown rice are also used. I liked these burgers. I’d be interested in trying the spicy burgers as there might be more of a punch off them. For more info on Dee’s product, look at her website or on

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