Pure Indulgence

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Wow is all I can say! I have tasted the most divine gluten-free and wheat-free chocolate biscuits ever! Chocolate bourbons by Prewetts from Northumbrianfinefoods are seriously pure indulgence. These biscuits are crunchy, chocolately, a great texture and just fabulous! A chocolate biscuit with a chocolate flavour filling coated in milk chocolate. Made from rice flour and maize flour, also contains milk and soya. These biscuits are also suitable for vegetarians. Each biscuit has 126kcal which for pure indulgence isn’t too bad in my eyes. They are pretty filling too, so one should be enough. The only problem is that they are so tasty that you’ll want more!! They actually taste better than what I can remember of real biscuits! The packet didn’t last long I can tell you that! I’m not sure where these biscuits can be bought as a friend gave them to me, but I’ll contact the manufacturers and find out and let you know. More info on their products is on their website. They have a good range of wheat-free and gluten-free products which I’m interested in trying. If you find these biscuits in a local shop, please let me know!!

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