Wheat-Free Living Blog is 3 years old!

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Hard to believe that I started writing this blog 3 years ago! My passion to find healthy wheat-free food as a necessity and a hobby has turned into so much more. I’ve been in touch with so many suppliers of food brands to taste their creations and review loads of wheat-free and gluten-free products. I’m really grateful to all you blog readers too as your comments help me greatly, and also encourages manufacturers to create even better food! It’s great to see more and more brands catering for the wheat-free living market and restaurants and cafes catering for dietary requirements and coeliacs. Ireland in particular has really stepped up its game and offers a lot more variety than 3 years ago when I started my blog. Long live the wheat-free community, and here’s to many more years blog writing and reviewing! Thanks everyone 🙂

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