Spice things up!

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In need of a healthy savoury snack instead of a sweet one? Crisps are off the menu as we don’t want to be unhealthy. I tried Patersons oat bites, and really enjoyed them! I’ve never had an oat-bite before! These are basically little bites of oat cakes packed with flavour to make you feel fuller for longer. Absolutely ideal for snacking. I tried the chilli and cheese flavour – very tasty! And might I add, very filling too. Chilli, cheese and oats might sound like an odd combination but they really work! There’s a hint of cheese and a mild chilli flavour to give it a bit of a kick and the oats are delicious. I really liked these and would recommend them too. What I also liked is that there are 5 individual packs in the box, which make them ideal for snacking and for popping in your handbag for a snack when you are out and about. Don’t be tempted by the crisp aisle, oat bites will satisfy your craving. Available at all good independent health stores and from Goodness Direct

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