Pizza time-the wheat-free living way!

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Wheat-free and gluten-free homemade pizza, we’ve sorted that one. But what if you actually don’t feel like cooking, and want to indulge pizza the fast food way? I finally found one! It is Tesco’s free from range – cheese and tomato pizza in the freezer section in Tesco stores. The base was dough like and a good texture, tomato sauce was grand, could do with a bit of a kick, maybe more spices and the cheese was stringey and tasty, what you would expect from a pizza. Made from maize starch and flour so both wheat-free and gluten-free. With 300 calories per 3rd of a pizza, it is hefty enough on calories. But sometimes we just want fast food and calories! Now, I’m not saying this pizza is the most amazing thing you’ve tasted but it’s not bad and I would try it again, and I’d prob add a few extras myself! Enjoy.

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