Brighten up your sunrise!

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As we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s essential to get in enough nutrients first thing. What better way to do it than a cereal with a mixture of grains instead of wheat. I tried Nature’s Path new gluten-free cereals. Maple Sunrise is a cereal with a variety of grains – flax, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth, corn and brown rice puffs. These grains are all combined with maple syrup. The mixture of grains gives this cereal a great boost to your body with essential nutritional benefits, such as good sources of energy, protein and B vitamins. I really enjoyed the crunchiness and texture of the cereal as well as the variety of flavours. The maple blends well and adds to the sweetness. I did however find the maple flavour very strong. I had someone else try the cereal and they loved it and didn’t agree with maple being too strong. So, maybe it was just me!
I also tried the Nature’s Path gluten-free Os – primarily aimed at children, but I think adults would happily eat them too! Corn and whole grain rice make up this crunchy cereal which I really enjoyed. The texture and flavour is really nice. Just a suggestion, but I think if the maple syrup from the other cereal was added that it may appeal to children more! Nature’s Path do a great range of cereals, see their website for more details. I’ll definitely be trying more of their products. Nature’s Path products are available in all good independent health stores throughout Ireland and some large supermarkets.

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