A date with a flapjack?

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Have to admit, am a flapjack lover, they have to be one of the best snacks. High in fibre, energy and filling too! Not easy to find one without wheat though! I had a date and chocolate flavour flapjack from Hale n’Hearty today. I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, when you hear the mention of chocolate on flapjacks, you envisage it being really sweet, but these took me by surprise. The chocolate on them was dark chocolate and just a hint of it, a very nice touch. You may not be a date fan but don’t let that put you off, the dates just add the right amount of sweetness. These flapjacks are made with gluten free oats too, so they are nice and light. What I also liked was the fact that they are a nice a good size too, enough for a couple of bites and not too big and stodgy. The flavour in them is very good too, with a hint of coconut which I enjoyed. Flapjacks are a good source of fibre, rich in wholegrains, wheat free, gluten free and vegan too! See here for more of the Hale n’Hearty range and stockists. 

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