Honest snacking with the Frank Bar

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The Frank Food Company was founded in 2012 by former Everton footballer Neil Robinson. He was frustrated by the so-called healthy foods on the market, so developed his own. Using only natural ingredients with no additives or chemicals and using a fruit concentrate called EnergySmart® from totally natural fruit concentrate. The Frank bar is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and is vegetarian and vegan friendly.


The bar itself comes in five flavours: oat, double chocolate, chocolate & strawberry, chocolate & blueberry and chocolate orange. I tried the double chocolate and the chocolate & blueberry. Its texture is fudge-like and it’s quite rich, like a brownie. Actually I thought it was very heavy, so you wouldn’t eat the whole bar in one sitting. I preferred the chocolate & blueberry, I though the fruit gave it a slight kick which was interesting and added to the texture. Each bar contains almost 4g of protein. If I’m honest, you can “taste” the protein in the bar, which makes it taste healthy. I think I’d probably like the oat bar best as I adore oats. This bar is perfect for a healthy alternative to the afternoon sugar fix and if you are trying to follow a healthy diet or a high-protein diet. For more information on the Frank Bar, see their website


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