GlutenfreeRoads – The right direction when eating out

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Whether it’s a medical or dietary need to eat gluten-free or wheat-free, many can find eating out or travelling abroad a real challenge. The launch of the new GlutenfreeRoads website offers a one stop resource to access more than 40,000 shops, B&Bs, cafés, take away outlets and restaurants around the world that have been verified as gluten-free friendly.

The site, created by Dr Schär, is fully interactive and allows users to share feedback by reviewing different venues, both home and abroad. There’s also local language translation of how to order your gluten-free meal. Simply fill in the search criteria and go from there! Users can also leave feedback and leave comments and rate the venue, which is really helpful.

GlutenfreeRoads is sponsored by Dietary Specials, the UK’s leading supplier of gluten-free food. Emma Herring, Senior Brand Manager said “Following a gluten-free diet doesn’t have to mean that you can’t eat out. GlutenfreeRoads will help people see that many hotels and restaurants are happy to meet your dietary requirements at home and abroad. We want people to interact with the site and share their feedback and we will regularly verify and update the list of establishments using a variety of sources so that users can return and discover more and more new gluten free places for themselves.”

Check out for more information. This is really a great help when eating out and travelling.

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