Be Free with BFree

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Bread, rolls, wraps and anything bread related can often be a challenge in this wheat-free market. They are either too stodgy, not filling enough, tasteless, too sweet or like cardboard! So, any brand in this space has a real challenge. BFree was developed to bring tasty bread that’s “good for you” to the market. Sometimes when you have a wheat or gluten sensitivity, it’s just easier to avoid bread as you just can’t find the right alternative. It’s also important to get the right nutrition when you are following this type of diet. BFree have a great range of products that are both wheat and gluten free. They have developed a recipe that replaces the gluten and wheat with natural ingredients.
I tried the range of products – soft white load, brown seeded loaf, brown seeded rolls, soft white rolls and multigrain wraps. I must say it’s a great range. A good variety and they taste good. My favourite by far was the multi-grain wraps, simply because of the fact that I’ve never had a wheat-free and gluten-free wrap before!! It tasted great! No gluten, no wheat, no egg recipe. High in fibre, low in fat and only 99 calories each. At last I wasn’t envious of others eating a wrap at lunchtime! And there’s the possibility of fajitas etc, the options are endless. I also enjoyed the brown seeded rolls, they are a good size, texture and taste. There are lots of tasty recipes on the BFree website. Best of all, these are Irish products! Available in Dunnes, Tesco and Supervalu as well as some independent stores in Ireland. In Northern Ireland, products are available in Dunnes and ASDA, also in ASDA in the UK. All products are suitable for home freezing.

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