Raw Chocolate Snacks

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I have to say I love “discovering” new food and certainly if it is wheat free, has nutritious benefits and tastes good. I tried raw chocolate from the Raw Chocolate Co They have a great range, from chocolate bars to chocolate berries, seeds, nibs, berries and powders. I tried the variety packs of raw chocolate goji berries and also the raw chocolate mulberries. Now, I’m a goji berry fan anyway as this small berry packs in a lot of punch nutrition-wise. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the raw cacao, but a handful of either berry would fill you up and also suppress a sugar craving, they were really tasty. To make these the very best organic raw chocolate with mulberries and goji berries are carefully selected. They are coated with raw chocolate and then finished off with a light dusting of raw cacao powder. They are available in snack packs and re-sealable packs.

Now I see that chocolate raisins are part of the range. They are a “have to” try as I am a chocolate raisin lover-they are a little bit of naughty! The Raw Chocolate Co range is available in health shops in Ireland and the UK. For more info, see their website

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