Ice-cream…but not as you know it!

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My new-found love that’s wheat-free and dairy-free too – Nobo ice-cream! I tried the Lemon flavour, my God, it was heavenly. This husband and wife team have made a really good product which they describe as frozen goodness. It’s an ice-cream alternative, that has a similar texture and feel to ice-cream but it’s made from just a few natural dairy-free ingredients. The ingredients in the lemon flavour are coconut milk, honey, avocado, fresh lemon juice, vanilla extract and fresh lemon oil. There’s just a burst of lemon loveliness in your mouth! I love that the ingredients are healthy too. It’s very much a feel-good product while also still a treat. My 3 year old loved it too! There are a range of flavours, like salted caramel which sounds interesting and mango and passionfruit which will be another explosion of flavour I’m sure. For more information on this product, see and a list of stockists Enjoy 🙂

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