Pure Indulgence Dessert

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If you haven’t already tried this, by God, it’s something you need to try! It is AMAZING! I follow a wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soya-free diet, so finding a dessert I can eat can be tricky, and finding one that is tasty is even trickier! Well, this little tub from Natasha’s living Food is just divine!

This little cake uses raw coconut oil, raw cacao and agave to make this melt in your mouth. The coconut oil melts as soon as it hits the mouth and releases all that flavour. And a good cacao bean leaves a long-lasting flavour. Then you get the kick of mint. If you like anything mint chocolate, you will really love this. It’s very heavy, you’d manage to eat about half of the tub in one sitting. I really loved this dessert. I haven’t seen it in any health shops, I ordered it online from Natasha’s Living Food. This one get a 5 stars from me!! Looking forward to trying the other desserts.

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