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When I first had to give up dairy, I found it incredibly difficult as used to have cow’s milk in wheat-free porridge, muesli or granola every morning. I started to try a few alternative milks, which were ok but never really hit the spot. Then I tried the alpro unsweetened almond milk and have to say I just adore it. Even if I could drink cow’s milk, I think I’d still want my almond milk! It has a really creamy, nutty texture and is so tasty and fits well with any cereal. I also use it in smoothies and it gives it a great flavour. My nearly 4 year old loves it too! It’s difficult enough to get in some supermarkets though, they only seem to stock the sweetened version.
The benefits of drinking almond milk include that it is 100% plant-based, naturally low in fat, and has only 14kcal per 100ml. It is also a good source of vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant. Plus there are no added sugars. Ingredients include water, almonds, calcium, sea salt, stabilisers, emulsifier, and vitamins Riboflavin B2, B12, E and D2. It is also naturally lactose free and dairy free as well as being wheat and gluten free.
I try to avoid soya as well as it doesn’t agree with me, so that certainly limits what I can try. So I’m delighted that I’ve found a milk I can enjoy. Alpro do a large range of milks, from soya to hazelnut, coconut and chocolate almond. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but will report back once I do. See their website for more info


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