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I go through phases of wanting something savoury to snack on but steer clear of highly processed crisps which aren’t wheat free. I was delighted to come across Veronica’s Snacks which hit the spot and have the right ingredients. I also love the story behind the brand. Veronica is a mum of 3 who wanted to create a brand of healthy snacks using wholesome food. So she created savoury snack crisps with all of the flavour but less of the not-so-healthy stuff. Plus she wanted to create a gluten-free option for adults and children that have dietary restrictions.

So a range of Baked Crisps was developed with less fat, salt and a gluten-free recipe. The crisps come in 2 flavours – Sour Cream Herb and Onion and also spicy Barbeque. They have 60% less fat than regular crisps, which is a real bonus. Made from potato starch, potato flakes – corn flour, sunflower oil, salt and seasoning as well as a spice blend, milk powder and yoghurt. I really liked them but felt the seasoning could be stronger in the Sour Cream Herb and Onion flavour. Saying that though, the texture was great – lovely and crunchy, and my husband thought that these were the best! I preferred the Barbeque flavour, the taste was stronger and they were lovely and crunchy too. The best was the fact that even when the packet was opened, they stayed fresh for a few days. 

My favourites though were the veggie crisps. Roast tomato and Spanish Paprika Baked Veggie Crisps flavour – lovely and crunchy and fresh tasting too. They pack a good punch of flavour, a nice bit of spice and these would definitely go in my shopping bag.

There’s also an option for younger kids called Crunchy Creatures which are dinosaur-shaped corn puffs which are cheese flavour and these were my nearly 4 year old’s favourites! They were nice, but I found once the bag was opened, they went a little stale so the next day they weren’t as crunchy!


Being someone who can’t eat wheat, it’s super to find a crunchy crisp that I can eat without worrying about my tummy! Personally I think this is a great range of healthy snacks that hit the spot when you want something savoury and you don’t feel the guilt.


Shop onlineor buy them in your local supermarket which includes Tescos, Dunnes, Supervalu, Spar to name a few. See here for a list of stockists.

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