Free from the sugar rut

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Free’ist products-I’d never seen or heard of them till a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get to sample a good bit of the range – look what arrived for me!!!

The following products are wheat free and gluten free so suit my diet which is great.
The main mantra of the brand is free from sugar, there’s this cool message at the back of the products:

Sorry sugar….

I tried the chocolate, popcorn, jam and the Rocky Road bars are also part of the same brand. Honestly, I had mixed opinions on the products!

I loved the jam particularly the raspberry and would say they are also suitable for diabetics. The popcorn is lovely and tasty – fresh, crunchy, not too salty or sweet. They have a range of very unusual flavours – Nacho cheese, sweet and salty, caramel and salty. I liked the regular salty ones as well as the nacho cheese, but I found the other 2 a little sweet. The chocolate we tried the dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with hazelnuts and the white chocolate with strawberries. There was one winner – the white chocolate and strawberries, it was really to die for, seriously delicious and was an all round winner with my family. Unfortunately I didn’t really rate the other chocolate at all. It was missing something (probably the sugar!) but even the dark chocolate was a disappointment. The marshmallows were nice as well and would be ideal in baking and not that ooh so sweet flavour that’s in regular marshmallows. The Rocky Road bars were very nice too, my favourite was the chocolate which is rice cakes covered in milk chocolate-lovely, fresh and crunchy and a great size for snacking on.

This brand also does biscuits but they aren’t wheat free, but they are sugar free, so may suit other diets and looks like there’s a few flavours too.

All in all it’s a great range of products, lots to choose from. My recommendation would be to put the jam and the white chocolate and strawberries chocolate in your shopping basket, you won’t be disappointed! For more information on their products, see the Free’ist website

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