Pasta with benefits

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Pasta with benefits by Leaves is a unique range of pasta. Developed by Sabine Hobbel, a Dutch athlete and health researcher and her Italian chef partner, Nico Olivieri. Only launched in July this year and is doing very well so far. It’s a quirky little food product which is high in protein and naturally gluten free, made with just 2 ingredients – buckwheat and chickpeas. The pasta is slow-dried and contains 50% more protein and 3 times more fibre than regular pasta.

There are 3 flavours – classic, garlic and sage. They come in 100g individual packs which only take 5mins to cook! I loved the garlic and sage flavour.

I like the product, love the quirkiness of it with the messaging on the inside like this….

There’s also a nice story behind the brand which you can read here. For me the only downside is the packaging. Although I do love the look of it and quirkiness of it, it seems like an awful waste of packaging for a portion of pasta.

Available in Supervalu stores and independent retail stores with more retailers being added. Also available on their website

If you are a pasta fan and follow a wheat-free diet, this is ideal for you as gives you a bit of variety away from the stodgy corn pastas etc. Give this new brand a chance.

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