Balls of energy

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These balls of energy are an interesting snack. The background story behind Bounce Energy Balls is a husband and wife team, Andy and Paula Hannagan who wanted to help people reach their full potential nutritionally but in a healthy way. They were both personal trainers and saw the need for a truly healthy, nutritious and tasty snack that would sustain energy. 10 years on they are available in Ireland, the UK and many other countries.

Bounce Energy Balls come in several flavours and I tried 3 of them – Cacao Mint Protein Ball, Peanut Protein Blast and Almond Protein Hit. They are designed as a nutrient-dense snack that can energise at any time of the day. Personally I think these would suit a regular gym goer or athlete very well. They are very filling and heavy, I honestly struggled to finish one! Bear in mind I tried these as a snack, not after a big workout. I’m a big peanut fan but didn’t particularly like the peanut flavour and I can’t really pinpoint why. The texture of these snacks is good, filling, chewy and lots of protein. The almond protein hit were very almondy, so perfect if you like almonds! You could taste the nutty mixture, good flavours and texture. They were very tasty but again a little heavy for me. You know you are eating protein goodness, so that’s what I liked about them. The cacao mint was an interesting combination and was my favourite. It was nice as a snack with a cuppa.

They include cacao nibs, sunflower seeds, quality proteins and rice bran. They are high in protein, in fact 10g of it, high in fibre and best of all wheat free and gluten free. My suggestion would be to have them in a resealable pack so that it will stay fresh if you only wanted to have a small bit and couldn’t manage to eat all of it. However post workout, I’m sure these would be great.

For more info on their products and flavours, see the Bounce Balls website They also have an online shop and are available in a range of supermarkets as well as independent health stores like Holland and Barrett. Follow them on Twitter @Bounceballsuk and like them on Facebook

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