Book Review – What to Eat When you Can’t Eat Anything

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“What to eat when you can’t eat anything” by Chupi & Luke Sweetman really helped me along the way. It’s the complete allergy cookbook, and as a result of their own food challenges, it made the Sweetmans rethink the way they ate. They teamed up with nutritionist Patricia Quinn, and created healthy, nutritious, fun dishes that make up this book. It is packed with innovative recipes and is perfect for everyone.

Different levels of food sensitivities require different diets. This book does this too. It has different categories depending on how sensitive you are. Specific allergies and food intolerances are described, including wheat, sugar, yeast, dairy products, gluten and artificial additives. It also includes tips and what and how to buy ingredients. I’d really recommend buying this book if you are struggling with wheat/gluten free living and looking for new recipe ideas. I’ve been wheat intolerant for the past 10 years and the staples in this book have got me by- the brown bread, the scones and some of the treats. I’ve also had bouts of dairy free too, so it’s a good cook book to dip in and out of regardless of your allergy or sensitivity. A thumbs up from Ireland anyway!

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