Ditch the diet!

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It’s always nice to come across a cool and fun brand once in a while, and that’s exactly what the Brodericks borthers have done. Just look at their website, it oozes personality and these 2 brothers seem like great fun. They certainly had fun in Ina’s kitchen producing a delicious range of products. Their products are really delicious, especially the Gluten Free Road Rocking Choc Choc Block. It’s to die for, loaded with calories, but worth ditching any diet for. I really fell for this bar!!! Full of chocolate, biscuit and marshmallows, crunchy, chewy and smooth. It was a real treat.

They also do a very tasty Caramelo bar which is gluten-free, that was also fab. A little crumbly, that’s the only negative. It tastes like shortbread with a caramel layer and then chocolate. In addition they have a range of flapjacks, fruit and also a chocolate one, which I enjoyed and didn’t find them as sweet as other brands, but the choc choc block had my heart!!

Find out more about their products on their websitehttp://www.brodericksbrothers.com/ Follow them on Twitter and Facebook too. Looking forward to any new products these guys bring out 🙂

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