Let the secret out!

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Hanna’s secret is an Irish range of cakes & bakes which include muffins, brown scones and fruit loaf to name a few.

I got to try a few of the products, namely the power scones, fruit loaf and a variety of muffins. The scones called “Power scones” are a nice addition to a wheat-free market as there’s nothing quite like them around. What’s nice is that they include carrots so getting some extra nutrients in is always a plus. They taste a little bit like brown bread, with a nice texture and are substantial too. Often with wheat-free and gluten-free products, you’d nearly need to eat a few to fill you up!! They are lovely with some butter and jam or whatever takes your fancy. They freeze well too which is very handy. I really like these scones and would definitely buy them again.

The range of muffins is fab-chocolate, lemon, orange & poppy seed and tipsy muffins, all as nice as each other.
I haven’t tasted anything quite like them before. What got me was the freshness. The lemon with icing have a real sharp tang off them which I really liked. The chocolate ones are amazing & really hit the spot if you have a sweet tooth. I also enjoyed the 2 other flavours. No nutritional value on the packaging so not quite sure of the calories and fat content, maybe I’m better off not knowing to be honest!!! They come in packs of 4 and are reasonably priced so a good purchase if you are having a guest over.

The fruit loaf was unfortunately my least favourite even though they have won Taste Awards. Now it may have just been the loaf I got. The flavouring is all there but it was just too tough and hard to eat. It tasted best when toasted with some butter. It has great flavour and honestly doesn’t taste in any way wheat free so that’s just brilliant.

All in all, I think this Irish company really has something for the allergen market. It’s not often you find a tasty treat that is wheat and dairy free. Hanna has a secret recipe that consumers need to know about! Available in Supervalu stores and Avoca and hopefully more stores in the future. Give them a chance and put their products in your shopping basket, you won’t regret it!

For more info and a list of their stockists, see Facebook www.facebook.com/hannasecret and follow them on Twitter @HannasSecret

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