Wheat-free and dairy-free dessert made easy

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This product is my recent favourite find. So handy for adults and children and when the shelves are empty in the fridge in my local supermarket, my heart sinks a little!

As we have a few intolerances in our house, I like to try and make nutritious yet tasty food that everyone can eat. This little pot of fruit compote has really helped!!

There are loads of flavours to choose from, we haven’t tried them all. What we do love is apple and raspberry and apple and pear.

Ingredients are 100% fruit. In the apple and raspberry, ingredients are 70% apples, 30% raspberries and lemon juice.There is no added sugar, no preservatives and no colouring. All natural.

Priced at €1.99 a tub, I think that’s a fair price. Though would be nice if they had a multibuy offer.

I use a spoon of the compote when I’m making overnight oats, also when making yogurt. I mix a spoon in with natural coconut yogurt for a healthy and tasty yogurt for our youngest who can’t eat dairy. I found she wouldn’t eat just the plain yogurt and the shop bought fruit yogurts had quite a high sugar content so preferred to “make our own” as such. I also eat this yogurt and it’s really delicious. I mix the compote into natural cow’s milk yogurt for a school lunch and it is her favourite yogurt, much nicer than the ones you buy in the supermarket I’m told!!

Although Clotilde herself is French, this product is Irish, produced in Cork, so nice to buy Irish too. Available in Supervalu, Centra shops, Douglas Farmers’ Market in Cork and other independent stores.

For more info and for a list of flavours and stockists, see the website or the Facebook page

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