All the goodness – but not the taste

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Kelkin gf w cranberries

I’ve always been a fan of Kelkin and think they do a great gluten-free range, which is ever expanding. The oat cookies have been around a good while, I just never had a chance to try them till recently. A friend bought these for me so I was delighted to try them.

At 81kcal a biscuit, they are nice and crunchy, a good size too. I liked the texture and the taste of the baked oats. The cranberry flavour however was very synthetic in my opinion, I thought it was a little overpowering. The ingredients include sugar as well as sweetened dried cranberries which may be why. These biscuits have potential if the flavouring was different. I was a little disappointed. There are other oat cookies in the range so I’ll try them and won’t lose hope yet!

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