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Sometimes you need the attitude of “anything to make life a little bit easier” but you don’t want to forget nutrition and good ingredients. Meet Helen from Helen’s, who has produced these brilliant ready mixes to make life just that little bit easier. I had the pleasure of trying 4 of her products – the brioche bread, scones, brown bread with oats and the sandwich bread. Hands down the winner in our house was the brioche bread. I have 2 little critics who are very honest with anything they try.

The 4 products we tried were great, one better than the other and the convenience factor with the just add water, egg etc was great. They were all ingredients you would have at home. The brioche bread was really to die for. Although I know there is plenty of butter in the ingredient list, it doesn’t stop you from eating it! The “more please mummy” and the “nyyyyuuuuummm” were a sure giveaway! The light texture of the bread, yet filled with flavour and depth. I am lucky to have a breadmaker so I did the brioche as per the breadmaker instructions. The smell in the house was fabulous!


I also was a big fan of the country brown bread mix with oats. It was tasty and filling, which often gluten free breads aren’t. Made from gluten free oats and flaxseed, this bread has a wholesome wholegrain taste and is very similar to a brown soda bread or country loaf, just without the wheat. It makes a good sized loaf and stayed fresh for a few days.


The scones were really simple too. Actually a friend was calling and I hadn’t bought any treats/biscuits and decided I’d make these scones really quickly and that’d save me from the shop visit with kids in tow. The 6 year old helped make them, they are that easy and they only take minutes to mix and bake. My guest was very impressed – fresh, hot scones. She can eat wheat and I didn’t tell her they were wheat free till she was finished. She loved them and asked what recipe I used! Hot scones with butter and jam, what’s there not to love?! I added raisins into the mix, to add in a bit of sweetness. My 2 little helpers enjoyed the scones as well.


Lastly was the white sandwich bread mix. We liked this when it was baked fresh. It was squishy and doughy, like real bread should be and was delicious in a sandwich. However the next day the fresh tasty taste was gone, it needed to go into the toaster and didn’t taste as good. Saying that though, it is very good wheat-free bread and was filling and tasted like the real thing.


So based on our Helen’s product sampling, this range of ready mixes is super. Really handy, really easy and they make great wheat-free and gluten-free products. Available in most large supermarkets. For a full list of Helen’s products, see her site and view her videos and recipes. Enjoy 🙂


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