Free From Food Awards Ireland

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I spent today judging some food categories at the Free From Food Awards Ireland I really enjoyed it and was in my element trying lots of new products. I met some great people too, There is so much choice nowadays in the Free From market and it’s an exciting time for consumers. When I was first diagnosed 10 years ago, there wasn’t much choice, not much in terms of resources and I was pretty clueless. But with innovative producers and consumer feedback which is so important, the product range is growing and new innovative products are being manufactured. It’s great news for the Irish market.

From breakfast cereals to pastas and rice cakes, we had a good variety to try. Oats, flakes and hoops just to mention a few. Different grain pastas and flavoured rice and corn cakes. There is a lot of discussion and thought put into the judging of the products. There’s some great products out there, particularly for  a wheat- free consumer like me.





In the Free From Market, it’s so important to have awards like this. It really helps the consumers; them a better range of products and also it’s great to see new ranges and variations come into the marketplace. A foodie like me was delighted to be part of these awards and look forward to seeing all the results.

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