Are corn cakes the new rice cakes?

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Corn cakes: I’m an absolute fan! Only recently realizing my gusto for corn cakes, they are slowly replacing the rice cakes in our house. Even my two top tasters really liked them and they are nicknamed the popcorn biscuits!

As part of a wheat-free living diet, these are a great addition. Handy as a snack, as part of lunch and very portable too for out and about. The brands I have tried have a better crunch to them than rice cakes.

My biggest bug bear with a packet of corn cakes or rice cakes however is the non-resealable packet. They are stale before you get to the bottom of a pack!

I tried the Supervalu own brand corn cakes. They are wheat free, gluten free and only ingredients are 99.7% corn and sea salt. They are a may contain milk, sesame seeds and soya. Each corn cake contains 26kcal, less than 0.5g fat and sugar and 0.03g of salt. They really are a healthy snack.

These corn cakes have a good colour, the corn is evenly distributed and the corn cakes can hold toppings well. They have a great crunch to them, aren’t rubbery in any way and they taste great on their own.

Thumbs up to Supervalu, corn cakes…and resealable packs (in the future hopefully!!). Living wheat free, these will become a stable in our home.

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