Gluten-free pasta with a difference

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Is it pasta? Yes it is, no it isn’t. Imagine a “pasta” that looks like pasta, takes sauce like a pasta, tastes like a pasta but isn’t a pasta. Love Liberto have created an amazing innovative product – organic edamame fettuccine. It basically looks like green fettuccine, but it is made out of edamame beans. Imagine getting a bulk of your daily protein intake in one sitting, as well as a product that is made from beans, low carbs and much healthier than regular pasta.

My 2 resident tasters loved it. The 6 year old said “I don’t like it, I love it! It’s the nicest pasta I’ve ever tasted”. Kids that love a healthy product is music to my ears. I am delighted and it will be a regular on our meal plan. This product is very versatile. I cooked it with basil pesto mixed with plum tomatoes cooked in balsamic and grated carrots and courgette. I gave the 2 year old (she is dairy free) the fettuccine coated in mashed avocado and the carrot, courgette and tomatoes cooked in balsamic.

This pure bean pasta is gluten free, high in protein and fibre and suitable for coeliacs. Look up their site for a range of their products and recipe ideas. This is a great product and I can see why it won an award. Get this into your shopping basket! I will certainly be checking out their other products. Available on their site or in Holland & Barrett nationwide.

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