Healthy chilled gluten-free sauces

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Whether it is Mexican, Italian or Indian, or all three, Dan & Monstro have you covered.

Found in the chilled aisle (fridge) in Supervalu is a range of innovative homemade sauces.

When Mari Hughes couldn’t get her son, Ben to eat vegetables aged 3, she came up with the idea of nutritious sauces that contained at least 77% vegetables. Into the bargain she made them gluten free as well.

We had the pleasure of trying all three sauces and our absolute favourite was the Mexican sauce. We used it with diced chicken breasts and used it to make fajitas. All 4 of us really liked it. My girls can be fussy with sauce so I was happy to find a sauce they’d eat and would have again. We made our fajitas with gluten free wraps with cooked chicken in Dan & Monstro mexican sauce and added in avocado, corn, tomatoes, spinach leaves, coleslaw and a sprinkle of regular cheese for two of the family and violife dairy free cheese for the other two!

Second we tried the pasta sauce. I’d normally make our own pasta sauce but this was a great substitute. Packes with over 88% vegetables, from peppers to mushrooms to carrots. If I had to be negative I thought it was a little sweet. But I’d totally buy this and will try it in a lasagne and perhaps over chicken breasts, was lovely. All the family liked it which is a real bonus.

Last but not least, we tried the curry sauce. With lots of vegetables, it’s packed with lots of goodness. I cooked chicken breasts and added in the curry sauce as well as sweetcorn, peas, half and onion, diced carrots and red pepper. We had basmati rice with it. I honestly thought it was a little strong for a curry, especially one aimed at families. If anything it may need to be a bit sweeter as it was a little tarte. One daughter enjoyed it, the other wouldn’t eat it and hubby thought it tasted a bit healthy!! So bit of a mixed bag for the curry sauce. It also has dairy in it (milk) so perhaps coconut milk would be a good substitute to make it dairy free as well as gluten free. Thought the important this here is that there is a gluten-free healthy curry sauce available that is convenient for families to use.

Overall, I think these Dan and Monstro sauces are a great addition to the gluten-free market and if you’ve a fussy eater especially when it comes to vegetables, you know they are getting some goodness. Healthy and convenient is always a winner.

Dan and Monstro have loads to offer and am looking forward to what will be produced in the future. For more info on the brand and products, see their website and follow them on social media.

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