Rosie & Jim – gluten-free options for your freezer

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I love using my freezer for batch cooking and having handy dinner options available for “easy, don’t really feel like cooking from scratch days”! Anything a family can eat and they like is a winner in my book. One of my daughters has a recent liking for breaded food and to be honest food I would always avoid and never buy, mainly because breaded for me means gluten and wheat. However, I’ve had the pleasure of trying Rosie & Jim’s chicken and they have loads and loads of breaded options available and a lot of them are gluten free, some even dairy free too. I really was pleasantly surprised. The range is great.

The first thing we chose to try from the range was their turkey burgers with a quinoa and herb crust. I liked the sound of them, a little bit interesting! The size is great, the herb crust is a pleasant surprise. The turkey tastes “real” and an added bonus, my two toughest critics really liked them. I’d happily have these in my freezer.

We also tried the plain chicken goujons, the southern fried goujons, the salt and chilli goujons and the battered chicken chunks. These are a really handy dinner especially for the kids and they were thrilled to be getting a treat dinner as they called it. Served with salad and a mix of the goujons and chunks, they gave me their opinions. Their absolute favourites were the chicken chunks. They are like large chicken nuggets and actually really filling. They looked good, smelled good and tasted good. The texture of the crust was great. The 6 year old said “these are the best nuggets ever”. These wouldn’t be the healthiest option though as they are battered. However they are great for a treat dinner and weren’t in any way synthetic like often nuggets can be..

Onto the goujons with lots of options to choose from: plain, southern fried, and salt and chilli goujons. They all taste very different. In general the goujons are a great size, the chicken is tasty, the breaded part is golden, crisp and crunchy. I loved the salt and chilli, they had a bit of a kick to them. The girls liked the plain the best, one said the chilli were too spicy, the other ate them but then said she’d a hot tongue!!

In my opinion the plain and southern fried would work for any audience for any occasion or a treat dinner. The salt and chilli are possibly too spicy for young children but I’d consider serving these for an occasion where adults are attending too. They were actually my favourites! We just used ketchup for dipping, but I’d say you could experiment with sweet chilli or sour cream etc too.

It’s great finding a brand that can offer a range of gluten-free convenience products that can go in your freezer. It gives people with allergies options. It includes people. Like I honestly can’t tell you the last time I ate a chicken goujon or nuggets, but now I know I can and my freezer can have a stash! Thumbs up to this brand!

Rosie & Jim offer a range of kievs and other chicken products too that I’ve yet to try. So once I’ve sampled them I’ll post up a review.

In the meantime, follow them on Twitter at @rosie_jim and Facebook and see their site for the range of products. Find them in local butchers and selected supermarkets.

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