Rosie and Jim gluten-free breaded fillets

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After our last Rosie and Jim experience trying out the burgers, chunks and variety of chicken goujons, we were excited to try the abundance of breaded fillets. From kievs to creamy peppercorn, we weren’t stuck for choice.

As a family of four, it’s important to find something everyone can eat rather than cooking two dinners which often happens! It’s ok too to find options just for the adults or just for the kids. I think as a brand, Rosie and Jim cater for both, which is great.

The hands down winner in our taste test was the chicken kievs. They are really delicious. Golden, crunchy breadcrumbs with a creamy garlic filling, they ticked every box. Delighted to have found a chicken kiev that is gluten free and delicious! All four of us loved them. The fillets are huge so the kids could share one if needed. Served with rice or potatoes and some vegetables, they are really a great healthy dinner and only take approx 35 minutes in the oven. These will definitely be in my freezer!

We also tried the Maryland which we really liked but they seemed plain compared to the kievs, but were still lovely. We preferred the southern fried chicken fillet and felt it had more of a kick to it and was slightly more peppered or something. Again all these fillets are large so great for big appetites!

Our least favourite was the creamy peppercorn which had a filling which resembled more of a sundried tomato pesto than a creamy peppercorn, I was surprised when I saw the red colour when I first cut it open! The adults liked these fillets but the children didn’t. The chicken is lovely in the, and the golden crunchy breadcrumbs are so tasty.

Rosie and Jim have a great range of products. They really cater for every taste and children and adults alike. They are available in a number of supermarkets and butchers. See their website for the stockists list and for more info on their products.

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