Juspy the thing – nourishment in a bottle

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This might just be the thing you need for that post-Christmas or end of January pick-me-up. We’re back into the school and work routine, and January can be a loooong month! Whether you are a working mum, a SAHM or juggling both (me!), you can sometimes feel a bit weary! There’s always so much to do and your work is never done!

I wasn’t feeling the best last week, had a cough and cold and a wishy washy stomach and just needed some sort of energy boost to get me through the week. I was fortunate enough to try Juspy and not sure if it was a coincidence or a miracle cure, but I was full of energy and got a spring back in my step! It’s an interesting little drink. It has chocolate in it as a start which is appealing! It contains a mix of 11 active ingredients including raw cacao and coconut and tastes a bit like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It’s really filling too. There’s 17.2g of protein in it which is impressive. Ingredients include coconut milk, coconut nectar, collagen protein, raw cacao, chicory root fibre, sunflower seed butter, flx oil, camu camu berry, himalayan pink salt, brazilian orange oil. The 185ml bottle has 289kcal.

In my eyes this is ideal for a tired new mum, a weary mum, a mum who isn’t used to a night out, or a mum who feels she just needs a pick-me-up. It isn’t just for mums though, anyone could drink it! This bottle of nourishment is a great idea! All the goodness in a bottle, just grab and go. 

Just to give you a bit of background on Juspy. After the birth of her first child, Leonie Lynch,  was feeling like many new mums – exhausted. She was so busy making sure her baby was properly nourished that she forgot about herself! This can be very typical of a new mum and often you resort to endless amounts of coffee, cereal and toast. Anything quick and convenient really. You forget about your own nutrition. Leonie then went on to create Juspy to focus on the nutritional needs of women at different life stages. Basically nutrition in a bottle.

For more info on the product, including stockists (a lot are in Limerick, but you can order online too) see the webiste www.juspy.com and follow Juspy on Facebook and Instagram too. 


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