Covid-19 survival staples

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Hi All,

It’s been a while since I updated my site. I was hacked and had to rebuild it.  Here is what I’ve been buying and using when we’ve been stuck indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been good to get staples that have a good shelf life and things I can use as a family so we don’t have to go to the shops too much. There’s also a few treat bits thrown in as we all need a pick me up in times like these!!

If we don’t make our own bases, we buy the BFree pizza bases. I’ve tried so many and these in my opinion are the best. A good size, crunchy, good colour, cook well. They are light and crispy, similar to a stone-baked flavour. See here for a full review. For me, they tick all the boxes. Dates are usually good on them and I freeze once I open and use one. 

Amoy Ribbon Rice Noodles are the perfect accompaniment to any stir-fry dish. You can still get a noodle dish gluten-free. These are great, have a subtle taste and are so versatile. Have a great shelf life too. See for more details on their products. Not all are gluten free.

Schar’s Pretzels – why have I only discovered these now? Gorgeous crunchy lightly baked and salted pretzels. The bag is a nice size for sharing (though I could possibly eat them all!). They look like a pretzel should, golden coloured with a sweetish smell, lightly coated. Delicious. See the website for more details on their products 

Gosh pakoras and falafels are so handy to have in the fridge! These are so tasty, usually have a good date on them and have come in handy with salad in a gluten-free wrap or pitta. These are a staple in our house all year round. These are on the shopping list every 2 weeks! Check out their great range at

Alpro milks. One of my daughters cannot tolerate cow’s milk and I don’t drink it as it seems to increase my migraines so have taken Alpro’s unsweetened almond milk for the last 9 years. My daughter has tried a few and her favourite is the Alpro’s unsweetened oat milk. It has added calcium and vitamin D too which she needs for her bones. She is still growing, she’s 4.5 years old. I love the taste and texture of the almond milk, it’s subtle and not too nutty and goes perfectly with my muesli in the mornings. The oat milk is also delicious and quite creamy in flavour compared to the almond milk. We are big fans of alpro in this house. We have tried other brands but always revert back. See for all their products. Such a super range!

Bowl-a-muesli is my all time favourite cereal. I have tried so many over the years but this is top of my list. When I see them in Supervalu, I buy 2 or 3 packs. Always have a stash!! Their granolas are also delicious but it’s the muesli I eat most days. It is wheat free which is so hard to find in a muesli, there’s a great mix of fruit and nuts in it too. A lovely oat flavour with almonds and hazelnuts. I do also eat other cereals if I can’t get this one and porridge or overnight oats too. Will do another post on them. Great shelf life on bowl-a-muesli too. See for more info and like their Facebook page! 

Tinned coconut milk and Pataks korma paste are a great mix together and so handy to have in the press. Most supermarkets do their own brand tinned coconut milks which taste great but our favourite is Thai Gold. They do a super range including pastes, sauces and rice noodles. The coconut milk is so creamy and delicious and perfect in a curry! See for their range.

Patak’s range is great for having in the press for a what will we have dinner! Mixed with veg, chickpeas or meat, it’s a great combination and a delcious and nutrition dinner. My youngest is a big curry fan, it’s her favourite dinner with basmati rice! She doesn’t like it too spicy so I usually go for the korma or the tikka masala. I throw in onion, peppers, sweetcorn, peas and chickpeas and if we want to add meat, chicken is a great option. It’s a very tasty dinner. See for all their products.Last but not least my handy good to have in the freezer is pastry! We love quiche so it’s great to make a gluten-free one. Just add eggs, creme fraiche and whatever veg or meat you want. I usually add in onions, grated carrots and courgettes and onion. Sometimes I add in ham and broccoli or leek and red pepper. Mix it up a bit. Add grated cheese and cook for 30mins and serve with a salad. Delicious and nutritious.

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