Deliciously Ella Free From Muesli

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Deliciously Ella is a brand with a really interesting story. Ella wasn’t into healthy food at all, in fact she pretty much hated vegetables and anything healthy! But an unexpected health diagnosis made her change the way she ate in order to heal her body. She tried to make vegetables appealing and so her brand was born. Starting with a  personal blog that evolved into recipe books, an app, a deli and a range of plant-based products. To read more about her story, see I listened to the Happy Pear podcast where they interviewed Ella and it was so interesting. I already have one of her cookbooks and use it regularly. However I haven’t tried any of her products apart from the Bircher Muesli. I love breakfast and adore oats so they come high on my daily agenda! As mentioned before I do have a favourite muesli but I have to say this one comes a close second! It’s more of a light delicate oat flavour and I really like the freeze dried raspberries through it. The gluten-free oats are finely milled with added sunflower seeds and chia seeds which give it a creamy texture. This is plant-based deliciousness at its best. I use unsweetened almond milk with my cereals. This is vegan, high in fibre and a source of protein too. There are lots of products in the range so I will try some and report back. I bought this in Supervalu so pop some in your shopping basket next time to see it. This is gluten free so suitable for coeliacs too. Enjoy!