Flapjacks – Recipe

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Wheat-free and gluten-free Flapjacks with seeds and nuts (Makes 15-20 Flapjacks) Ingredients: 350g of butter 2 generous tbsp of golden or maple syrup A tbsp of honey 175g (6oz) of light brown unrefined sugar 75g of rice flour 375g of … Continued

Eating wheat-free on a shoe string

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At times, it can be a real challenge to eat wheat free and to try and do that while being friendly to your wallet can be difficult. Although the health shops are packed full of wheat-free goodies and have such … Continued

The Spelt Debate

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Spelt is a contentious subject and often up for debate in the whole “no wheat” discussion. Some can stomach it, others can’t. Let’s first look at what is spelt and what it contains. Spelt, is also known as dinkel wheat … Continued

Not just a resolution….

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…a lifetime change The New Year is often a time when we reflect the good and the bad, and we usually make some serious promises that we will change our ways. Rather than putting so much pressure on ourselves and … Continued