Nyummy pizza!

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Ok, forget takeaway pizza, although it make look and smell tempting it is bad for you, so you might as well be glad you can’t eat it!! However, making your own healthy option one can be fun. I’ve experimented with … Continued

You are what you eat

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Gillian McKeith has been my saviour! Although she is not a practitioner, nutritionist or doctor, she talks a lot of sense. Colour on your plate, fruit and veg etc, plus Gillian is an advocate of no wheat. She believes that … Continued

The foods we miss

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Always the things that you want the most you can’t have! Freshly baked bread being the key craving for me. At lunchtime you see everyone else in the office tucking into crispy bread rolls and sandwiches. Most of the time … Continued

My little goldmine!

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    Blazing Salads on Drury Street is definitely a great find for those living wheat free. You know you are guaranteed food that has been carefully prepared with the finest ingredients. Plus, the food is delicious too! Set up … Continued

Forum for Coeliacs

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The Coeliac Society of Ireland is a great place to start if you have recently been diagnosed. They have a forum on anything from people having a rant about their symptoms, recipes, general talk and support, travel info, eating out … Continued

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Welcome to Wheat-Free Living! This blog was born to fulfill a long term need to share my passion for health and nutrition, in particular wheat-free living. As a coeliac, I wanted a place where I can put all my star … Continued