Wow, tastes so real!

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I tried Genius bread for the first time, and wow I’m converted! I don’t think I’ve ever tried gluten-free bread that is squishy and soft like this! It really tasted like the real thing! Genius have a range of brown … Continued

A lunchtime alternative

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Sick of eating the same food each lunch time? Every day should include variety and sometimes it’s hard to do that. But it’s important when you are living wheat free to get enough fibre in your diet. There are a … Continued

Bread that beats the bloat

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I’ve been looking for tasty bloat-free bread for the last 5 years…I’ve finally found one to shout about! Soul Bakery which is sold at farmers markets and in some supermarkets (Supervalu) do this range. They do a variety of breads, … Continued